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One And Only In The Market With 99% VFE

From RM20.00

Comprehensive Disinfection Treatment (Halal Certified)

From RM0.15

Avoid Costly Workplace Shutdown.

Perform regular test in workplace with COVID-19 Antigen DIY Testing Kit.
Subject to availability.


Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Test Can Be Done Anytime Anywhere
Simple Video Tutorial For DIY Testing & Validating The Result
Test Can Be Conducted More Frequently To Avoid Unnecessary Hassle
100% Accuracy For Detection of Positive COVID19
90.91% Accuracy For Detection of Negative COVID19

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From RM2.90

Avoid Costly Workplace Shutdown. (25 kits per set)

From RM7.50

AEON Pulse Oximeter A310


Undisrupted Workplace Productivity With Great Precaution Measure

From RM0.15