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Cancer Care Health Screening

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

You are required to fast for 8 hours before the screening.

Suitable For Age 25 Above
Strongly Recommended Annual Check Up For Age 40 Above
Same Day Test Result & Report Consultation
4-6 Hours To Complete The Screening Procedure
1st Class Service & Facility

 You are required to fast for 8 hours before the screening. We encourage you to arrive early for your test. The service start as early as 8am (The centres close on Sunday and Public Holiday).

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  1. Get enough sleep, at least 6 hours prior to the check-up day. Lack of sleep may cause abnormal results such as blood pressure, heartbeat & body temperature. The physician may not be able to assess if any change is a real abnormality.
  2. Do not eat or drink at least 8 to 10 hours prior to the check-up. Water, however may be freely taken to avoid dehydration effects on blood sugar & cholesterol test in the procedure.
  3. Hypertension medicine can be taken prior to your visit.
  4. Urine sample will be collected on the day of examination. For female applicant, please reschedule the check-up if you are on menstruation.
  5. Please wear clothing that allows access to the upper arm.
  6. Should you have any chronic illnesses or other health issues, please bring along any test results or medical report with you to assist in diagnosis.
  7. If pregnant, please inform the Customer Service upon registration to cancel the X-Ray.


  1. Your health screening will take Half Day to One Day, depending on the type of test you are doing, with Same Day Result and Same Day Doctor & Dietitian Consultation of your reports.
  2. You may reschedule your Doctor & Dietitian Consultation to another day if you wish to do so.


  1. Electrocardiogram (ECG)
  2. Ultrasound Abdomen & Ultrasound Pelvis
  3. X-Ray (Chest)
  4. Physical Examination
  5. Dietitian Consultation
  6. Doctor's Consultation
  7. Full Blood Picture
  8. Renal Function Test
  9. Liver Function Test
  10. Diabetic Screen (Glucose)
  11. Lipid Profile
  12. Cancer/Tumour Marker
  13. Gastritis Risk
  14. Urine Examination