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Profiling Communication (2 Days)

Be the Master of Managing People & Communication - (2 Days)
Available for Vitual Training (0.5 day x 4 sessions)
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“The model of effective communication is often taken for granted, to be set clear objectives in the beginning would be much greater”

Communication is the most important skills at workplace but it’s often one of skills lacking in people, particularly in their early stage of career. Today’s working environment it’s a challenge for all generations to communicate effectively.  Traditionalist, Baby Boomers and Gen Xers and Gen Ys were taught different principles of communications. People may know ‘the reason to communicate’ but may not know ‘the what, when and how’ of effective communication at workplace.



Module 1: Basic Communication & Managing People Principles

  • Introduction to the Communication Model

  • The channels and principles in Communication 

  • Introduction to Managing People Model

  • The Skills and Tools in Managing People

  • Communication & Managing People Enhancement Tool 1 (Communication Skills)


Module 2: Effective Communication Tool

  • History, Usage & Value of DiSC

  • Understanding how it works 

  • DiSC Self Assessment & Team Assessment

  • Communication and Managing People Enhancement Tool 2 (12 Competencies in DiSC)


Module 3: Building Trust, Influence & Power

  • Developing Trust

  • My Managing People Brand

  • Building Influence & Power

  • Communication and Managing People Enhancement Tools 3 (Managing Difficult People)


Module 4: The Art of Listening & Communicating

  • The 4 types of listening skills

  • Elements of EQ & NLP in listening

  • Working with people’s learning style in listening –VAKAd

  • Communication and Managing People Enhancement Tool 4 (Feedback)


Module 5: The Art of Managing People

  • Setting Goals

  • Developing a PLAN to achieve the goals

  • Empower your  PEOPLE

  • Assess PERFORMANCE and Make Changes

  • Communication and Managing People Enhancement Tool 5 (GROW Model)




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