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Crime Scene Investigation (2 Days) Outsite Overnight Event - Cater for 35 Pax Price exclude lodging fee
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Inspired by the famous TV Series, GKX Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) has been designed to simulate an exciting gamification environment with a series of unexpected incidents to stimulate the sense of working together and enforcing high integrity as well as trust level among the participants via a proper procedures and protocol in processing a crime scene.

In a proper crime scene processing, it involves many different roles of actions, leveraging on each other’ strength and ability to identify, collect, reconstruct and connecting the dots. A chief investigator must always keep in mind that as a leader for the case, he plays an important role to oversee the overall operation which required strategic man power planning to effectively processing various possible crime scenes within the time limit. A ground supervisor leads a sub team to investigate a particular crime scene would need to be always ensure the professionalism in evidences collection as well as conserving the crime scene’s evidences as origin as it can. And it comes to the role of investigator and detective, both parties have different ability and accessibility to track down as much of the valid evidences and reconstruct the story line with proper crime motive, evidences, witness pool and lastly the suspect for the crime.

There are several parts for this program which involve multiple crime scenes processing, laboratory test for valid evidences, thumbprint harvesting, standardize documentation with photography, listing the suspects, interviewing and probing the witness, sketches and connecting all evidences, and finally present and charge the suspect in the court. 

In order for a team to succeed in this mystery solving, the team need to plan, communicate and coordinate intensively. Working with limited resources and limited time frame, the team is required to perform at a tip-top efficiency and be able to update each other on any new evidences or incidents which may lead to the correct direction of investigation. Notes taking and photographs taking are as crucial in the crime scenes to help in the story line reconstruction (diagram sketching) to avoid any missed evidence.

 This full 2 days 1 night simulation event will be a great an out-site program to talk about cross functional communication and team synergy. The program could be even hike up by incorporating a CSI Theme Annual Dinner during the 1st night which will further extension the storyline for the whole program. 


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