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Retail Customer Service (2 Days)

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Excellent Customer Service For Frontliner - (2 Days)
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“Customer”, carries a whole new meaning today compared the last century, the last decade and even for the last 5 years. Besides providing products and services, it is now about creating the “Customer Experience”.

“Customer Experience” is further defined as an excellent advisory process where it is not only limited to providing customised solutions, but also about helping the customer to solve his or her customer’s problem.


In this course, we will be exploring ways to create the best model of operation with desired behaviour and attitude for each particular company while putting in sustainability measures to ensure continuous practice even after the course.



At the program's conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Setting the right mindset, attitude & motivation

  • Becoming aware of the differences and results created from various levels of customer service

  • Learning to adapt and serve different customers with various behaviours and preferences

  • Learning the tips and tricks in crisis management


Course Outline

MODULE 1 : The Different types of Customer Service

  • The 4S Rule in Customer Service 

  • Different Levels of Customer Service 

  • The Experience We Create

MODULE 2 : Role of a Customer Service Professional

  • The Service Culture

  • Selling as Part of Customer Service

  • A.I.D.A. Sales Techniques Cross Selling & Up Selling

MODULE 3 : Neuroscience in Customer Service

  • Emotional Factor in Personal Leadership

  • The Importance of 5 Brains in Customer Service 

  • Managing the Ladder of Conclusion

MODULE 4 : Managing Different Customers

  • Identify 40 Types of Customers Scientifically & Quickly

  • Identify 36 Types of Customer’s Expectations at Your Finger Tips 

  • Managing Difficult Customers


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Program Language English/Malay