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Bathroom maintenance and water-related services at RM1.88 PER DAY. Say goodbye to a single order, we will take care of you for the whole year long!
The annoying drips and drips of a leaky faucet can actually cause water bills to spike up... πŸ’Έ What’s more annoying is that sometimes we do not have any clue where the leakage is from! 😣 All prices above include removing all faucet and free installation of the new faucets! πŸ€ Free consultation is provided too!
Is the floor drain at home able to withstand all your daily activities? πŸ€” It’s important to have a floor drain with excellent stainless steel, with silvery and smooth appearances! ✨ A non-functioning floor drain might be the cause of odours surrounding your bathroom/kitchen!
Do you know a good showerhead can make showering one of the most relaxing moments of your long day, instead of just something to run through quickly? πŸ’¦ To enjoy a truly refreshing shower, you must first #install your showerhead #correctly and #fittingly, and this is what we are experts at!
Are you noticing a spike in your water bills? Or you think there might be a leakage in the current water system? 😨 Fret not, we are now providing 60 minutes online inspection, 100% Contactless online plumbing inspection!! 😎😎