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Finance For Non-Finance (3 Days)

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Master Finance Intelligence for ALL
“Insightful with Decisive Financial Acumen” - (3 Days)
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“People Lie, But Search Data Tell the Truth” – Bloomberg


One of the daily tasks for a business owner or business management team is to call for business decision or direction to the organisation. 


It is easy to say that, person with great Business Acumen can make a better business decision as they have greater business sense and experience. However, it will be still crucial when these decisions could be supported by a series of facts and figure. Without proper supporting evidence, it could be just merely a guessing game comes with great risks.


Financial acumen is the ability not only to understand the organisational financial status, but is to excavate the underneath information that is within the organisation, and identify the key driver and critical point to take action upon in ensuring the organisation’s growth.



At the program's conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the financial statement (Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Cash Flow).

  • Utilising Business Intelligence Tool

  • Diagnose organisational status with financial ratio.

  • Drill down the financial ratio and determine the key driver of the organisation.

  • Align the financial ratio with current organisation business strategy.

  • Understand the analytics which link to action plan.

Course Outline

Module 1: Identify and Understand Company Business Model
                  (Know MY business)

  • Introduction to Business Model Canvas

  • Company business simulation

  • Discovering the business key factors in profitability and sustainable growth

  • Financial Acumen Power Tool 1 : Online Gamification Business Simulation


Module 2: Foundation as BASIC of Finance
                  (Basic as KEY to move stronger)

  • Overviewing of accounting & the financial reporting environment

  • Understanding Balance Sheet Equation

  • Re-analyse the Asset, Liability, Equity (Balance Sheet)

  • Re-analyse the Income, Revenue, Expenses (Profit & Loss)

  • Financial Acumen Power Tool 2 : Online Gamification Business Simulation Reporting

Module 3: Cash VS. Profit
                  (Cash is KING and be KING to Cash)

  • Understanding the Cash Flow Statement

  • Direct & Indirect Cash Flow Statement

  • Cash is Not Profit

  • Financial Acumen Power Tool 3 : Analysing Business Simulation (Business Intelligence)

Module 4: Excavate with Financial Analysis
                  (Drill down the ROOT)

  • Overview of Financial Profitability Measure

  • DuPont Ratio Analysis Framework

  • Revisit the Quality of Sales, Earning, Asset Effectiveness

  • Alignment with current Business Strategy

  • Financial Acumen Power Tool 4 : DuPont Ratio Analysis Framework

Module 5: Financial Modeling for Decision Making
                  (Optimize with FACTS)

  • Identify the Key Success Factors

  • Setting target for Key Drivers – “Higher not always Better”

  • Data Modelling Key Success Framework

  • Reasonably Decision & Action Plan

  • Financial Acumen Power Tool 5 : Key Driver Modelling


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