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Motivational Videos

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1) Who moved my Cheese by Dr. Spencer Johnson
Life doesn’t always turn out the way we think it will. When change happens, a lot of us have a natural tendency to resist that change. Why? Simply, we are afraid of change. Change represents the unknown which challenges our sense of safety and security.

Who Moved my Cheese? is a very simple story about change. It’s about seeing change, anticipating change, and adapting to change.

The story of 4 characters: 2 mice named Sniff and Scurry and 2 little people named Hem and Haw. These 4 characters represent parts of us, they represent the simple and complex within each of us.

As Spencer put it: “Sometimes we may act like Sniff who sniffs out change early, or Scurry who scurries into action, or Hem who denies and resists change as he fears it will lead to something worse, or Haw who learns to adapt in time when he sees changing can lead to something better !”

2) Improve Customer Service, Teamwork and Retension
How a humble fish market began a journey of transformation to becoming a World Famous Pike Place Fish Market as a world class entertaiment destination. It began by changing the way they engage with Customers.
#1- Set a Goal and Don't Stop Until Achieve It,
#2- Make a Deep Commitment to Customer Service. 
3) The Characteristics of an Ant 

Ants are incredible insects.Here is the 5 Philosophy that as humans we can observe and learn from.

1-Ants have no commander,

2-Ants plan ahead,

3-Ants stay positive always,

4-Ants never quit,

5-Ants always do their best.

4) Wisdom Of The Geese  

Here’s 7 Life Lessons We can Learn from Geese :

#1: Share a Common Goal & Direction,  

#2: Stay in Formation,

#3: Have the Humility to Seek Help,

#4: Encourage the Leader & Empower others to Lead,

#5: Recognise & Support Each Other,

#6: Stand by Your ‘Flock’ in Good Times & Bad,

#7: Stay committed to the team & the core values & purpose.

5) The Eagle Mentality 

Here are the 7 Mentality of an Eagle:

1. Eagles fly alone at high altitude;  

2. Eagles have vision;

3. Eagles are fearless;

4. Eagles are tenacious;

5. Eagles never eat dead things;  

6. Eagles prepare for training;

7. Eagles posses vitality;

6) Inspirational True Story - Never Give Up!
Derek Redmond's Olympic performance took place in 1992 Olympics. 65,000 people gave him a standing ovation. Derek lost that race. What made his performance so moving, is not that he suffered pain or experienced a great loss, but that he endured. Despite his suffering and public loss, he ended the day having reaffirmed that he was an unconquerable person. No matter what challenges or how many losses you endure, finish with the resolve that you will not gve up but to rise again.

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