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Excel Tutorials -How to use additional Functions

Picture of Excel Tutorials -How to use additional Functions

1) How to build Interactive Excel Dashboards

Chapters: 0:00 Introduction, what to expect and keys to building dashboards fast - don't skip this if it's your first time watching ;-) 4:45 The Data 5:07 Building the Pivot Tables & Charts 28:00 Inserting Slicers 29:50 Manual Legend 33:54 Dynamic Labels 39:11 Link Slicers to Charts 42:26 Adding New Data 44:43 Color Formatting with Themes 45:45 Formatting Objects 48:16 Make it look less like Excel 49:26 Worksheet Protection 50:47 What's Next 


2) Excel XLOOKUP Function Definitive Guide

Chapters: 0:00 XLOOKUP syntax 1:37 Simple XLOOKUP 2:53 XLOOKUP does HLOOKUP 4:17 XLOOKUP does INDEX & MATCH 7:14 XLOOKUP Returns Multiple Columns 11:18 XLOOKUP Dynamic Range 13:37 XLOOKUP Error Handling 14:45 XLOOKUP Last Value 16:13 XLOOKUP Left 17:18 XLOOKUP Wildcards 18:25 XLOOKUP Approximate Match

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