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Tele-Sales Skills (2 Days)

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21st Century of Tele-Sales Skills
“Transforming Order Takers to Order Creator” - (2 Days)
Available for Vitual Training (0.5 day x 4 sessions)
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At the program's conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Develop the right mindset in tele-sales to overcome fears of rejections

  • Capture prospects’ attention and interest in tele-sales

  • Handle different types of customer’s objections and turn it into sales opportunity

  • Ask good questions to identify prospects’ desire & increase engagement

  • Excite your prospects toward your products and services

  • Follow up effectively to nurture cold leads to warm leads

  • Identify prospects’ verbal signals and close the sales using different closing techniques

  • To help salespeople uncover their blind spots in tele-sales

  • To increase salespeople’s confidence in doing tele-sales


Course Outline

Pre-Work: Record Their Sales Calls & Submit to Trainer

Module 1: The Psychology of Telemarketing

  • The Fear Factors in Sales – Overcoming the Fear Factors
  • Developing Positive Beliefs for Sales Success
  • Pre-Call Preparation

Module 2: The Critical Opening – How to Attract Customer’s Attention and Interest?

  • The 30 Second Rule to Make a Good Impression – Your Voice & Your Message
  • 3 Critical Skills Required In the Opening
  • The Call Opening Strategy: How to Attract Customer’s Attention and Interest?
  • Techniques In Handling Uninterested Customers (e.g. No Time, Not Interested, No Need, Just Send Me the Brochure)
  • Sales Role-Plays: Practice Sales Call Opening

Module 3: Handling Customer’s Objections & Closing Techniques

  • Role-Play: Understand Their Current Habit In Handling Customer’s Objections
  • Common Mistakes In Objections Handling
  • The Objection Handling Strategy and Techniques: ACRC Model
  • How to Lead Customers When Handling Customer’s Objections
  • Sales Role-Plays

Module 4: Qualifying Prospects and Understanding Customer’s Needs

  • How to Qualifying Potential Prospects?
  • Effective Sales Questioning Skills & Effective Listening Skills
  • Customer Buying Psychology: Logical Needs vs. Emotional Needs
  • Group Brainstorming: Developing Your Questions Pool
  • Sales Role-Plays

Module 5: Excite Your Prospects Toward Your Products & Services

  • Feature-Selling vs. Benefit-Selling vs. Fear Selling
  • How to Present Your PODs in a Convincing Manner?
  • How to Present Your Price Effectively to Increase Customer Perceived Value?
  • Sales Role-Plays

Module 6: Effective Follow-Up & How to Get to the Close

  • Effective Follow-Up Skills to Nurture Cold Leads to Warm Leads
  • Pitfalls When Closing the Sales
  • Identify Verbal Buying Signals In the Sales Calls
  • Effective Closing Techniques
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Attend As Individual Available at pre-decided date & program venue at our designated training centre
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HRDF Claimable Yes
Program Language English/Malay