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Selling In Tough Times (2 Days)

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Selling In Tough Times
“Be The Game Changer” - (2 Days)
Available for Vitual Training (0.5 day x 4 sessions)
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Selling in a difficult economy requires a different approach than during good times. You can’t use the same selling approach over and over again and expecting to achieve different sales results. Because the same old behavior brings the same old results. 

In time of crisis and the change of technologies, a lot of SME businesses are facing challenges such as:

  • Strong price competition

  • Low sales revenue

  • Products differentiation is low

  • Low market demands

  • Low business profits

  • Difficulty in finding new customers

  • Unclear of business direction and strategies

  • Lack of business ideas and exposure

  • Untrained sales team

Therefore, business owners and sales staff needs to equip themselves with different mindset and skills set when selling in difficult economy. Instead of waiting for customer to walk to you and focus only on low hanging fruits (reactive selling approach), sales people needs to proactively looking for new prospects, new business opportunities and taking extra effort to create market demands and customer’s needs. So, having better-trained salespeople than your competitors is a sure way to gain an edge.


At the program's conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Proactively finding opportunities instead of blaming and complaining

  • Create value to different customers to address the market needs and wants

  • Better business planning skills

  • Increase repeated business from customers

  • Increase new customers

  • Increase sales revenue

  • Higher level of confidence to deal with business challenges

  • Creating strong business differentiation beyond price

  • Better customer management skills

  • Be a customer-focused seller (not product-pusher)

  • Be an order creator who creates market demands and customer’s needs (not order taker)

  • Be a trustworthy seller who is able to create win-win outcomes for customers and suppliers

Course Outline

Module 1: Strategic Sales Planning 

  • The Economic Cycle and Business Cycle

  • Finding Your Business Direction & Sales Strategies

Module 2: Creating Business Differentiation In Competitive Market

  • The Evolution of Selling – The New Way of Selling

  • Discovering Your Fears & Limiting Mindset When Fighting On Price War Game

  • The Value Selling Strategy

Module 3: Effective Customer Management Strategy

  • Understand Your Strengths and Challenges In Sales

  • Recognizing Your Customer’s Buying Styles

  • How to Build Rapport & Trust with Different Styles of Customers

  • Strategies to Persuade and Manage Different Styles of Customers

Module 4: Creating Market Demands and Customer’s Needs

  • Necessity Goods vs. Non-Necessity Goods

  • 4 Strategies In Creating Market Demands and Customer’s Needs

  • High Impact Questioning & Probing Skills – To Identify Customer’s Pain Points and Needs

Module 5: Presenting Your Value Proposition & Handling Customers’ Objections 

  • Feature-Selling vs. Benefit-Selling vs. Fear-Selling

  • How to Present Price?

  • 5 Steps In Creating Strong Value Proposition (Applicable for Online and Offline Selling)

  • The 4 Proven Steps In Overcoming Different Types of Customers’ Objections

Module 6: Sales Negotiation Strategies 

  • The 5 Negotiation Styles and Strategies

  • Strategies to Increase Your Power & Positioning In Negotiation 

  • Developing Your Concession Strategies and Tactics

  • Closing Techniques to Secure Sales & Gaining Customer’s Commitment Without Being Pushy


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