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4 Websites Kids Can Use to Write Books

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Writing a book used to be something that only the lucky few could accomplish. Fortunately, times have changed and technology allows us to achieve much more.

Literacy is a great way for children to express themselves and use their imagination. Whether you’re a parent, guardian, or teacher, you can find a useful tool to encourage your children to write.

Here, we'll look at four different websites kids can use to write books or stories.

1. Scribblitt

Scribblitt is a creative tool that allows children to express their writing capabilities. This tool gives children the chance to feel like established authors by adding an “about the author” section.

This is a fun opportunity for kids to tell readers about themselves. Young authors on this website can design images using tools on the website or upload their own images for a book cover.

With Scribblitt, children are not limited to creating hardcover books, your children can also create soft comic novels.

Softcover comic books include 24 pages and cost $16.99 plus shipping, while hardcover books with 17 pages go for $24.99. Scribblitt also offers the option to get more pages for $0.50 for each additional page.

2. WriteReader

WriteReader is an effective tool used by educators to help improve children’s literacy skills. But, you don’t have to be an educator to use this tool with your children. It is easy to use, meaning you’ll have your future young authors writing in no time.

The website includes writing prompts to give your kids a head start. Children can save their digital books or choose to get a physical copy by downloading and printing their books.

Young writers using this tool can bring life to their books by adding dialogue in interesting ways, such as speech and thought bubbles. WriteReader offers a free plan with more than enough features for kids to write books.

3. My Storybook

My Storybook serves as an easy tool to use. When using the website, children are welcomed by a fun, eye-catching interface. Creating a book on My Storybook is as easy as following a step-by-step guide.

If your kids get confused about how to create a book, a tutorial is provided to help them get accustomed to the website.

The website provides templates to choose from, this way, children can make their book unique and relevant to their story. Children can draw on pages, choose a character, and add props to help visualize their story.

My Storybook gives you the option to either share your ebook for free or purchase a printable, high-quality eBook for $5.

4. BoomWriter

BoomWriter is an award-winning website that encourages students to collaborate and improve as writers through peer feedback. This tool is ideal for teachers and parents who want to inspire children to enhance their reading and writing skills.

The platform includes unique features such as the voting feature where students can vote anonymously for their favorite submissions. Children also have the chance to have fun and collaborate on books together.

BoomWriter allows children to come up with an original story that can be published as a paperback book. This tool is suitable for children in grades two to twelve.

More Educational Tools for Kids

The websites we've looked at are all useful in enhancing children’s literacy skills and allowing them to become writers. Kids have various interests and talents, luckily, websites for writing books aren’t the only fun online tools they can use.

You might be looking for fun online tools for subjects such as history, science, coding, and more. Whatever it may be, you can find other fun educational websites for children to explore.

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