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Change Management (2 Days)

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The Wave of Organization Transformation
“The People Side of Change” - (2 Days)
Available for Vitual Training (0.5 day x 4 sessions)
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“What makes CHANGE happen? Awareness?  Desire? Knowledge? The ability to Change?” What reinforcement required for change to sustain?

 The answer is complex, yet it’s something that can be learned and taught. The good news is that change management is a process with understanding perspectives, tools and techniques that make change look seamless and effortless.   Change does not happen overnight and it takes great level of understanding, commitment and strategies with tools and techniques for TRANSFORMATION to be successful. This program WAVE shows how to transform your organizations into future business results, inspire everyone around you and achieve way beyond what is expected!



At the program's conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Assist participants to adopt, apply and embrace changes that deliver a desire outcomes

  • Gain new insights into how to approach and lead change

  • More effective in managing and responsible for change and development

  • Identify and build clarity in the intent and purpose for change to happen 

  • Elicit and anchors change effort as an individual, team and organization

  • Providing concepts and ideas in change management process and implementation


Course Outline

Module 1: Why Change Management

  • What is Change Management?

  • Change Management Concept

  • Why I Change? Why Organizational Change?

  • Change Management Assessment Tool (Self- Assessment)

  • Change Management Enhancement Tool 1 (Awareness)


Module 2: Change Concept

  • Five  Stages in Change Management

  • Seven Key Concepts of Change

  • How do Individual Change? How do TEAM Change? How do Organizational Change?

  • Change Management Assessment Tool (Organizational Assessment)

  • Change Management Enhancement Tool 2 (Desire)


Module 3: Individual Change Management

  • Individual Change Management Strategies

  • Measuring Individual Change Cycle

  • Working on Sustaining CHANGE

  • Change Management Enhancement Tools 3 (Knowledge)


Module 4: Organizational Change Management

  • Three Phase of Organizational Change Management

  • Strategies in Managing Organizational Change Management

  • Measuring and Sustaining Organizational Change Management

  • Change Management Enhancement Tools 4 (Ability)


Module 5: Change Competency

  • Primary Roles & Responsibilities in Change Management

  • Fundamentals in Shifting Culture and Values

  • Implementation and Accountability Level

  • Organizational Readiness to Change

  • Change Management Enhancement Tools 5 (Reinforcement)


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Program Language English/Malay